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My Sea Garden



My heart is full

waking up before the sun is up

A wondrous day ahead of me

Excited I am up to see

the beauty of the sea

I thank the Lord

For the grace and beauty

Of the green mountains

surrounding the sea

Ready to paddle and waddle

My fingers playfully glide

on the flowing salty water

In the midst of busy days

I find insurmountable solace

In my little sea garden

is my garden of Eden.


 Eden Soriano Trinidad, Philippines





Eden Soriano Trinidad (Philippines), is being labelled with “a Global iconic high esteemed personality from the Philippines”. Officially recognized as an author, writer translator by the National Book Development Board of the Philippines (NBDB).



It’s a Thunderous Thunder

Rolling away Clouds

Clash of black Clouds

Lightning and Thunders with Ice Stones 


Rain and Rain with Darkened Clouds

It’s Natures Angry Rain

Thunders and down-pour with Terrorizing Sounds

Nature’s Angry, Never before seen 


People indoors with fear of life

Power supply cut-off searching for shelters

Drainage Water and Everywhere Water

The Deadliest Rain, Standstill Life 


People got afraid with Sounds and Noise

Thunderous Sounds with fear gripped people

Life became halt and No Activity seen

The Season is such with Natures cursing 


Trees and Wireless Poles fell everywhere

Collapse of dilapidated buildings

Overflow of Lakes with Waterlogged Streets

Streets turned as Lakes, People became helpless 


What one can do and who can Say What

No Shelter, No Food

No Water to Drink, No Place to Dine

People shout for help, as No Missionary seen 


City Tsunami, Never heard so

People ran helter-skelter

Lives Lost, Damages heavy

Loss and Loss, Everything Loss 


No Schools, No Business

Traffic Jams, No Offices

Wait and Wait for helping Hands

Helpless People Saw the Sky 


Reliefs seen on War Foot Speed

Paramilitary helped in every way possible

Municipal People swung into action

Government Missionary on Full Time Job 


Damages and Loss Countless

Property damages are Irrevocable Loss

People Lost Courage, with Clash of Clouds

Rain Havoc seen in the history of Century 


Hopes of People are Ray of Hopes

Patiently waiting for normalcy to return

Peoples’ relief as sigh of relief

The God is great as everything set to normal 







MANTRI PRAGADA MARKANDEYULU (India) is a Poet, Novelist, Song and Story Writer.

Many Articles/Essays/Poems/Sayings/Proverbs/Quotations published in Journals/eMagazines.

Published 23+ Novels/Poems/Short Poems/Short Stories.






I don't know
How many cubic feet of water is there in the world?
How many cubic meters of water are there in the clouds?
How much cubic drops of water are there in human eyes?
 I don't know there is ice at the pole
 Hold how much water
 I don't know the news from the sky
 No one was caught alive by the 
 Hubble telescope -as
 Water planet!
 But the sky is more beautiful than Van   Gogh's paintings
 But very straight forward to me-
 What is nature?
 If anyone asks, I will say - she
 If cloud asks a question, I will say - she
 If you ask what is river, I will reply- you
 If the sunrise,  the moon asks 
 And ask me moonlit 
 The answer is the same-
 If you ask you - I will reply - you
 You are the water
 You are the cloud
 You are ice
 You are the river
  And you are the sea...
 Towards my inner at night
 I looked-
 The moon rises in a barren desert
 And dew all night long 
 Downing like tears
 I saw the flowers bloom
 I  have seen to fall with tears
 I have seen clouds evaporate into the   sea
 I see them falling
 And the day I was born
 I see my mother's crying
 In the success of giving birth
 I cried out  as I can 
 You people laughed in high volume 
 And said in a sweet voice
 Ah- how many tears in the poor man's   eyes!
 And I know 
 You preserved some water in your soul
 For the last word my life poem
 And me too for you....






DR SULTAN MUHAMMAD RAZZAK ( Bangladesh) is born 1959 at Pabna of Bangladesh. He is a successful cultural Think Tank and advocate for introducing cultural convention in Bangladesh and active voice in the contemporary cultural movement of the world. Sultan Muhammad Razzak obtained Masters in Bengali Literature from the University of Dhaka (Bangladesh). Among his achievements are also two Doctorate degrees –another one is Development through Mass Media. He completed a professional degree “UNESCO Expert Leader (d’ Animador UNESCO)” from UNESCO Eskola, Spain and completed a course on ICT in Education from UNESCO Thailand.



... would like to know about water of life
what do you think right now?

world is missing drinking fluid, 

confidence, future, duty of nobility
we are lined up behind you,

honestly we do not want to get thirsty
waterless to be driven into the future
what happened?
Why do you throw ash to our eyes?

Empty promises,

Do, take a look, children are dying!?
You are blinding poor youth?
Dear politicians, tell us why?!



Hope you will be helped by God,
we really look forward to,
expecting you will understand needy
not later than at this very moment,
oh, so much we do wish to have water
one day hopefully finally you will realize
selfishness jealousy...... do not work,
please, do figure out!
You, we, world setters
please, we beg you, build sea of water as well for the fields.



Prof Tyran Prizren Spahiu, Kosova




Prof Tyran Prizren Spahiu (Kosova) being emotionally connected with letters, loves calm life and he continues to spread kindness…. No matter where he goes, you will hear the voice behind: He enjoys life.

Tyran has written FIVE Novels and more than THREE Thousand Poems.






The thunder descended on the lightning stairs. It rolled over.

Shook the heavens. Jumped from the tops into the precipices.

The earth shook. The air tore.


The trees, trembling and wet,  frightened bowed to the wind.

The fierce terrible whirlwinds plucked grasses, trees, houses.


The town swayed amidst a sea of rain and clouds,

among  a chaos of rumble. Our hearts stopped,  breath ceased.


Brilliant electric flashes connected the sky with the sea,

the water darkened, the waves  elevated - 

began to strike the coast, to crumble the seaside.


In the morning the sun rises calmly. The space glowed.

Rainbows glisten on the dew drops  - joy fills the air.


 Stoianka Boianova, Bulgaria




Stoianka Boianva (Bulgaria)

Physicist. Author of twelve books: poetry, novel, collection of short stories, published in Bulgaria. Co-author: two bilingual books, poetry and haiku - in India.

In anthologies, editions with numerous awards and recognition around the world.




Breeze from Colchis

brings golden tinges

from mythical seas

through the centuries.

Silhouettes of rowers

in a united rhythm

with the song of the waves.

Thracian goddess

glorifies the sun

over the breakwater.

The coastline

recreates heroes.


Minko Tanev, Bulgaria





Minko Tanev (Bulgaria)

Philologist - Bulgarian language. Author of 6 books - poetry, Bulgaria. Co-author of two bilingual books, poetry and haiku, India. In anthologies, editions with numerous awards and recognition around the world.

       The River


If somewhere someone

Wanted to stop her,

She'll slap him

And race forward for ever and ever.

What obstinacy she has!

What thirst she possesses!

And what kind of race is she running!

Why, maybe, she knows not,

She melts, pulls down and controls

The mountains, rocks and cliffs.

Sometimes, when she is angry,

At several places she creates a havoc with her excessive wrath,

At other places she stings like death.

In this manner the river

Drinks the thirst of human beings

Eats up the man's stinking smell.

Distributing liberty,

Spreading coolness

And providing beauty.

If I am to express the river is really a flower,

As the flower

Gives off fragrance,

And envelops the garden with beauty.

Neither in return it eats its own sweetness,

Nor admires herself.

In the same way the river

Feeding others,

Providing drink to others,

And offering everything she has to others,

She just shares and distributes

And for ever flows on.

Her life is to flow,

Her running is perpetuity.

In this way for ever and ever

Flowing constantly one day the river

Finally, her journey

Surrendering to the sea

Trades her existence herself

And accepts her death herself.


 Krishna Prasai, Nepal



Translated from Nepali to English by: Dr. Tara Nath Sharma




Krishna Prasai is a Nepali poet, essayist and storywriter.  He is the chairperson of Jara Foundation, a literary and cultural organization of high repute in Nepali. He is also the pioneer of Zen Poetry in Nepal, and his Zen poems have been translated into several international languages. Mr. Prasai edited Nepali Samasamayik Kavitahroo, an anthology of contemporary Nepali poetry when he was just 24 years old and exhibited a rare literary talent he possessed.