Haiku - Haiga - Picture-Poems for Dylan Thomas

Haiga (俳画, haikai drawing) is a style of Japanese painting that incorporates the aesthetics of haikai.

Haiga are typically painted by haiku poets (haijin), and often accompanied by a haiku poem. 

(source: Wikipedia)

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pubblicati in ordine di arrivo

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For Dylan 



Deeply let me dip 

into enchanted waters— 

Dylan Thomas seas. 



~ Harley White 





Biographical Note 


Harley White (USA) is a born word-lover.  Some of her literary offerings include all genres of poetry, songs, stories, poems about the cosmos, works based on fairy tales, awakenings, and a book called, The Autobiography of a Granada Cat – As told to Harley White… 








Gliding through two banks

   of soon-to-be Yangtze past

       into the future. 




Gliding past old town

   on both banks of the Yangtze,

Great Gorges rising.




Black awning wupengs

   poling cascading waters

       of the old Yangtze.




Calligraphs cascade

   terraced hills of ancient towns ...

Cruise ships cutting through.




Between cloud layers,

   sky ship and red sun streaking

       through Middle Kingdom.




Above, the old stone

urges the faltering youth:

   “To strive is enough.”






Stanley H. Barkan




Stanley H. Barkan (U.S.A). Poet and Publisher, Stanley H. Barkan’s latest books include, Crossings, translated into Russian by Aleksey Dayen; Brooklyn Poems and Sutter & Snediker (2016); and Gambling in Macáu and No Cats on the Yangtze, both translated into Chinese by Zhao Si (2017).  In 2017, he was awarded the Homer European Medal of Poetry & Art.  American Representative of the art-literary Movement Immagine& Poesia.



"Hot Seas" by Louisa Calio, Jamaica/USA




Louisa Calio (Jamaica/USA): is a poet, performer and photo artist. She graduated magna cum laude SUNY Albany, BA English (Special Honors), MA Temple. Winner: CT. Commission Award Individual Writers 1978, Finalist Poet Laureate 2013, Nassau County  1st Prizes Messina, Sicily (2013), Il Parnasso Internationale, Canicatti, Sicily (2015, 2017, 2019)..  Director Poet’s Piazza, Hofstra 12 years, Co- Founder City Spirit Artists, Inc. New Haven,  (1976-1986)  lives in USA and Jamaica. Her latest book, Journey to the Heart Waters, published by Legas Press (2014). See Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisa_Calio

"Staying on the Shore" 



Sea wants to come close,

Waves beckon cheerfully,

I remain distant.


The sky and the sea -

Two seductions of a closed shell,

The pearl of Time dazzles.


Waves keep calling out.

Tied with many attachments

I stay on the shore


Soft foam-lines of waves.

Lace patterns from sea-birds' feet.

Ah, vastness of Life.

Silky sand smiles.

Clings intimately, I think.

Foot-prints are wiped out.


Preety  Sengupta, USA/India





Preety  Sengupta (USA/India) lives in New York City,  is a published author and a poet who has translated Dylan Thomas in two Indian languages.

Haiga 俳画  by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy




Lidia Chiarelli (Turin, Italy). Writer, artist, translator, founder with Aeronwy Thomas of the literary-art movement Immagine & Poesia  (2007). Six nominations for the Pushcart Prize (USA). Awarded with the Literary Arts Medal (NY) 2020. Sahitto International Grand Jury Award 2021. Coordinator of DylanDay in Italy.

Her poems are translated in many languages and published in several countries around the world. https://lidiachiarelli.jimdofree.com/



Lampi sul mare

e tutto s’inabissa

di viole un graffio.




Chiare meduse

il granchio si avvicina

ecco la vita.




Rosso il corallo

m’invita oltre il mare

resto e vacillo.


Lucilla Trapazzo, Switzerland/Italy






dal libro: trentagiorni - Haiku: Lucilla Trapazzo, foto: Alfio Sacco


Lucilla Trapazzo (Switzerland/Italy) is a Swiss-Italian poet, translator, artist and performer. After years spent abroad, for studies and work, in the DDR, Brussels, Washington DC and New York City, she now lives in Zurich, Switzerland. Convinced supporter of human rights and the planet, her social and feminine point of view is reflected in many of her writings. Four books of Poetry.



"Tides Notes" by Caroline Gill, UK




Caroline Gill’s (UK) poetry collection, Driftwood by Starlight (2021), was published by The Seventh Quarry Press. Her chapbook, The Holy Place (2012), shared with John Dotson, was published by The Seventh Quarry Press with Cross-Cultural Communications. Website: www.carolinegillpoetry.com 


Peaceful ocean yearn

sunlight, someday to become

his gold roses



summer sunset

when the waves take you

by the hand



wave sounds

my mindfulness

starts to bounce



summer ocean

even the seagulls



Dylan Tomas Day

refugee poet

without a pen


magic roses

Dylan waits

in the seashore


 Maki StarfieldJapan





Maki Starfield (Japan), a poet, a translator and a painter. She earned her Master of Arts from Sophia University, getting the diploma of International business management and the certificate of TESOL in Canada. She is a representative in Japan of Immagine Poesia, a member of Japan Universal Poets Association, and  Japanese haiku associates.