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Internationally celebrated composer poet Robert Lloyd started his International career with New York  choreographer Molissa Fenley, writing music for her ballet "Feral"  with Ohio Ballet in 1986.
Since that time he has published 2 books of poetry  "Black Guitar " and "Time/Being/Time" with Little Fox Press in Melbourne as well as many performances of his poem songs In NYC, London, Jakarta, Melbourne and Sydney. Currently his new book Ecstatic Sound is looking for a publisher



Credits: Etichetta: ℗ & © Sounzone




Bob Rocket, a.k.a. Ermanno Capirone, began his cosmic tour in Turin (Italy), in 2019.

Since he began composing, he has always liked the idea of discovering which kind of music could exist out there in the cosmic vastness, and with this project he decided to find an answer, creating audio environments that make listeners dive infinitely deep inside and infinitely far in space and time.

His dream is to surpass the limits of a mere genre, allowing the listeners to entwine their own experience with the musical flow and their introspective explorations.


A Storm at Sea



" A Storm at Sea " is my music composition, a Shepard tone setting, for this photo found at It is an audio illusion that creates a feeling of consistent never end-ending rising and falling. It is made
from 2 sets of overlapping notes that are one octave apart. One set fading in and the other fading out so that the beginning or end of the 2 sets of notes is indistinguishable. The setting with an introduction is via Motif and ReasonRecord; also the 2 sets of tones were formed from a strict non- tonal 12 tone row.


Norbert Oldani (USA) is a retired math teacher and a composer. Born in Detroit , Michigan, USA and presently living in Utica, New York.

He still improvises on the piano despite his  85 years of age and still composes electronic music but no longer gives public lectures about it.


Un poco de mar y algo de brisa

"Un poco de mar y algo de brisa
Me preguntó el Amanecer qué quería
Un poco de mar y algo de brisa contesté
Extrañado miró mientras decía: 
Un poco de mar y algo de brisa no puede ser
Qué tiene mi sueño, Amanecer
Para que lo que pida no pueda ser
Tremendo deseo el tuyo
La costa está lejos, aquí solo hay flores …no quieres?
A las flores yo acudo, 
Pero al mar y la brisa puede ver …y no olvido 
En dónde lo has podido ver?:
En un solo cuerpo fundido.
Será entonces tuyo mi dueño.
Me confesaba el Amanecer
Al alba sentí que mi Amanecer
Me daba lo que pedía
Y el dia pasé viviendo ese sueño
En donde te vi bailar
Con un poco de mar y algo de brisa
Con un poco de mar y algo de brisa
Con un poco de mar y algo de brisa
Con un poco de mar y algo de brisa
Vuelve hacia el horizonte
Sigue soñando
Hazme de nuevo un niño
Entre tus labios



Cantautor y productor formado en estudios de Filosofía Pura.

Recorre diferentes comarcas poéticas y musicales de culturas propias y ajenas sin dejar nunca de ser él mismo,

como evidencian sus proyectos Troubadour Songs y FemeXicanaS donde ha puesto música a lo mejor de la poesía en inglés y mexicana y en esta última en su ámbito femenino.
O el proyecto internacional Fado Is World Music donde adapta al español Fados clásicos...

En 1995 realizó su primer concierto  y en 2006 hizo su debut discográfico con el álbum “Esencia”, gracias al apoyo de su padrino, el legendario guitarrista Vicente Amigo.


Do not go gentle

Rafa Bocero performs his Spanish version of the Dylan Thomas poem Do Not Go Gentle at the Dylan Thomas Birthplace in Swansea Video by Annie Bennet.

Lynn Porter- Larry Warren (West Wales, UK)

Laugharne Song

"Laugharne Song
Lynn Porter - Larry Warren, West Wales UK

Created for International Dylan Thomas Day 2022 based on the theme of water and my own feelings and experiences of Laugharne, with a few lines from Dylan himself. In verse 2 from Sun Burns the Morning and in Verse 4 Through these Lashed Rings. There is another verse of my own, which I have omitted for the purposes of this video, which is recorded straight to the mobile phone in our home in Fishguard.

Photographs of Laugharne are my own.

Lynn Porter. Vocal and acoustic guitar Larry Warren. Electric guitar. © Lynn Porter 2022


Lynn Porter: Centre & Subject Moderator Specialist in Sciences at Gateway Qualifications.

Higher Education Tutor Coordinator and Sciences Tutor for Adult Education.

Councillor at Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council.

Carrie Wade, USA

Recurring Dreams of Water

 "Recurring Dreams of Water

Carrie Wade, USA




Carrie Wade (USA). Her Mother and Father were two music lovers with eclectic tastes. Her Mom listened and vacuumed to Bowie and Opera. Her Dad brought home great Funk and Soul. Growing up Carrie listened to everything including Folk and Folk Rock. Songs off her album “The Old Ways” have been featured on both terrestrial and internet radio in the U.S. and abroad.