All Souls Poetry

Contributions from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, USA

#dylanday 2022



             By Tang Chengmao (Shenzhen, China)


The thunder has been dismembering the sky from yesterday.


Some classical leaves are falling down.


Some luxurious expectations are fading away.


The simple yet profound rains, in a pose of humility, Rinse off worries and anxieties.


The raindrops beating on the body give a pain that goes deep into the marrow.


The pain with depth is called happiness.


The clouds descend again,


Letting us have happiness and sorrows again.


The careless rains wash away the cosmetics.


Life becomes tragic, heroic and boundless.


The rains walking on the tiles


Are rendering the stories under the tiles into romances.


Standing under the tiles, you put life in a lower position.


What's concerned about vanity cannot be soaked by rains.


Certain things cannot avoid the rains,


Such as love and status.


Before the rains,


Standing is another fate of man.


And that handkerchief with floral prints—


So long as it slightly wipes the moist spot of your life, Your life will be much, much cleaner.



Tang Chengmao, a national first-level writer, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Poetry Society. Rotating chairman of the 4th China Poetry Newspaper Network Alliance, deputy director of the Poetry Committee of the Guangdong Writers Association. 



By Marco Sonzogni (New Zealand)


My mouth was green, disse, e non una parola 

more in the face of the most diverse interpretations. 

It is not enough to retrace one's steps, to turn around  

stones as they turn their backs... The viper 

does not sleep, the mistake leaves no stone unturned 

to the wanderer. First Communion had caused 

anorexia: the host that does not find the lips,  

with his fingers the priest who does not want to touch her, 

his language, not even with the best intentions, 

and neacnhe with the tip of the runny asperges — 


            E in molti modi, attraverso i tempi, 

            hai preparato l'acqua, tua creatura, 

            ad essere segno, disse, e la cintura  

            dei pantaloni si fece serpe tra serpi —  


                        Dove un tempo c'era la chiesa crescono  

                        ora solo ortiche ma anche loro tacciono  — 




Marco Sonzogni, he is an award-winning scholar, poet, translator, educator, language and culture activist. His works on Dante include To Hell and Back (Inferno: 2017) and More Favourable Waters (Purgatorio: 2021), co-edited with Timothy Smith, and Quantum of Dante (2021).