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Quotes from Dylan Thomas: ‘© The Dylan Thomas Trust’

"It comes in waves" by John Dejana, USA



John Dejana is a newly discovered budding artist and poet.  His art works depict natural seascapes, landscapes, mountain ranges, and beach scenes; all infused with texture, unique usage of color, form, and universal appeal.  His poems are passionate, colorful, romantic, painful, and poignant.  His works collectively resonate for the viewer and reader, as he openly invites one inside the raw human experience through his eyes.  John is a skilled craftsman, woodworker, and a contractor by trade.  He is the father of four daughters and resides on Long Island, NY.  

"Seascape" by Mia Barkan, USA




Mia Barkan is an Artist, Art Therapist, Educator, Poet, and Author of Freya’s Tears, Tea with Nana, and My Sacred Circle Mandala Journal.  Mia's works have been published and exhibited worldwide.  Mia is the mother of two daughters residing on Long Island, NY. 

"Always with you" by Misako Chida, Japan





Misako Chida, was born in Yokohama, Japan, in 1972, she started painting at the age of 30. Since 1999, she has been living in Dalian, China, where she happily paints every day in her studio. It is her devotion and happiness to bring joy and pleasure to the viewers through her art.

"Beyond our Nature's Walk" by Marsha Solomon, USA




Boat along still bay
Look beyond our nature's walk
The sound of the waves

Haiku by Marsha Solomon


Marsha Solomon (USA) has been living and working as a painter and a poet in New York. Her work has been presented in museums and galleries in the US and Europe, and has been the subject of eight solo exhibitions. 

"Sailing in rough sea" by Sonjaye Maurya, India






Sonjaye Maurya (India) is an international artist from India who has dedicate his life to art and artists. His works explore the artistic transition from traditional to modern in vibrant colour palettes. His paintings reflect on fantasies and dreams. Everything that he paints has a deep meaning and message in it. He is also a photographer, a traveler, a writer and a poet.

"Water" by ILham Mahfouz, (Syria/USA)




Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz (Syria/USA) is a Syrian American Artist, graduate of eastern Michigan University B.F.A., working and living in Michigan U.S.A. She won several awards in painting and sculpture, had 11 solo art exhibits in U.S.A and participated in over 112 group art exhibits. Her artwork are shown in galleries and museums.

"Acqua, terra, cielo" by Antonio Presti, Italy

Antonio Presti ha realizzato la sua prima personale a Caltanissetta alla Galleria “IL RE D'AREMI” già nel 1968 a soli 17 anni. I dipinti del periodo universitario a Palermo (frequenta la Facoltà di Medicina nel 1972/73) sono caratterizzati da una forte carica sociale.  La sua migrazione in Piemonte, nel 1975, lo porta a Sauze d'Oulx (TO) dove con tre amici fonda la Libreria-Galleria d'Arte “SPAZIO”.

 Attualmente vive ed opera tra Torino e Parigi, dove realizza i suoi “boschi della memoria” su carta recente ed antica che trova nei “marchés aux puces” parigini, per farne acquarelli e tecniche miste. Ha al suo attivo numerose mostre-installazioni-performances in Italia e all’estero.

"FISH AND SHIPS" by John Digby, USA






John Digby (UK) is a British collagist and poet, well-known in both media. His work has been published and exhibited internationally. These collages are from the series, “Fish and Ships,” exhibited in the Saison Poetry Library, London. He is co-publisher of New Feral Press, Oyster Bay, New York.

"Le lieu fusionnel" by Salvatore Gucciardo, Belgium





Salvatore Gucciardo, peintre et poète de renommée internationale né en Italie en 1947. Il vit en Belgique depuis 1955. Il a plus de 50 ans d’activités artistiques. Plusieurs de ses œuvres ont été acquises par des musées.  Il figure dans plusieurs dictionnaires, anthologies et catalogues. Il a reçu plusieurs prix. Il a eu plusieurs interviews à la radio, à la télévision, dans les journaux, ainsi que dans des revues et magazines.

"Ephemeral Void-Water" by R Gopakumar, India



Ephemeral Void - Elements - Water

"From the standpoint of Taoist philosophy natural forms are not made but grown, and there is a radical difference between the organic and the mechanical.

Things which are made, such as houses, furniture, and machines, are an assemblage of parts put together, or shaped, like sculpture, from the outside inwards.

But things which grow shape themselves from within outwards—they are not assemblages of originally distinct parts; they partition themselves, elaborating their own structure from the whole to the parts, from the simple to the complex. ”

Eastern philosophy is mainly based on the Classical elements. This series of works, “Generative Algorithm Art”, named, “Ephemeral Void, Elements” (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space) is inspired by the above philosophy.

This project explores the aesthetic expression of the five elements, which are associated with manifestation of the five prime elements of nature This abstract spinning animated particle Video will be generated through digital manipulation of data, using synergy of each element’s video, sound, machine and code.



R. Gopakumar (India) is an Indian contemporary multidisciplinary NFT artist. He works in different media including Digital Art, Motion Photography, Installation, Drawing, Painting and Print.

"The Sound of the Sea" by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

Digital collage inspired by Dylan Thomas' words

There is nothing left of the sea but its sound






Chiarelli, Lidia (Torino, Italy) Artist and poet, co-founder, with Aeronwy Thomas, of the art-literary Movement Immagine & Poesia (2007). Award winning poet, multilingually translated. 


"Rivers Flow" by Lalit Jain, India




Lalit, Jain (India) Jain Lalit is an artist born in India and alumnus of Sir J.J. School of Art, Mumbai. Currently staying in New Delhi he paints mostly human forms and mysteries of life sometimes abstract, inspired from day to day life of what he sees, seeking feminine forms in his paintings.

"Waves" by Robert L. Harrison, USA






-Robert L. Harrison (USA)

his photos have been on 14 book covers. He has over 4,000 photographs published.

As a published poet, playwright, etc he has had his work (poetry, historic research, photography)  in 82 books (anthologies etc). He graduated from SUNY at Stony Brook, Hofstra University. 
He was nominated in a group Grammy Award.


"The Sands of Time" by Gloria Keh, Singapore



Gloria Keh, 70, lives in Singapore. An artist, who began  painting since childhood, Gloria enjoys writing poetry and making bookart.

"Carmel Bay, California" by John Dotson, USA

 Dylan visited here twice, with Caitlin along also the second time.

 He also famously showed up unexpectedly and knocked on the front door of Henry Miller’s cabin on Big Sur.

Henry called out, “Who? Dylan Thomas? Let him in!”




John Dotson (USA) is an author, artist, and educator who resides in Carmel, California. His poems have been published in the US and internationally, and have been translated into several languages. John has written plays that have been produced in the US and in Wales. He has worked in film, video, radio broadcasting, and performance art, and has created a collection of mixed–media sculpture. John taught and was dean of faculty for nineteen years at Santa Catalina School in Monterey. He has taught a wide range of courses in philosophy, psychology, media studies, and creative process at the University of California, Extension, and elsewhere. He is a director of the Monterey Peninsula Friends of C. G. Jung and an active participant in the International Jean Gebser Society for the Study of Culture and Communication.

"At the Ionian Sea" by Maria Mazziotti Gillan, USA




Maria Mazziotti Gillan, whose newest poetry collection is When the Stars Were Still Visible (2021) and more recent publication is What Blooms in Winter, is the 2008 recipient of the American Book Award for All That Lies Between Us. She is the founder and Executive Director of the Poetry Center at Passaic County Community College, Paterson, NJ. and editor of the Paterson Literary Review. She has been appointed a Bartle Professor and Professor Emerita of English and creative writing at Binghamton University-SUNY. 

"The Wave Dreams the Shore ... Perpetual Dreams" by Adel Gorgy, USA




Gorgy, Adel (U.S.A.) Adel Gorgy is a contemporary fine art photographer who lives and works in New York. His artwork has been widely published and exhibited in museums and galleries both in the United States and internationally.


"Son of the Sea" by Juliet Preston, USA
(collage of digital abstract and photo - with an original photo by Nora Summers)


Juliet Preston (USA) is

A poet at heart,

An artist by passion,

An engineer by profession.

"Maitre des Bulles" by  Viktoria Laurent-Skrabalova, France/ Slovaquie





Viktoria Laurent-Skrabalova (France/ Slovaquie) est une auteure-poétesse-peintre franco-slovaque. Ses livres sont publiés en Slovaquie, en France et en Belgique. Elle participe à plusieurs revues littéraires (Florilège, Ce qui reste, Poésie Première...) et expose régulièrement ses toiles lors des expositions collectives.



"Coralli" by Rosaria La Rosa, Italy




Rosaria La Rosa (Italy) pittore, scultore, scenografo, critico d’arte e curatore eventi artistici.

Laurea in pittura, ha frequentato i corsi di specializzazione di pittura iperrealista e di mosaico.

Dal 2009 dirige la galleria d’arte “L’Urlo di Rosaria” di Trapani.

Sue opere sono in Europa e in Sud America. 


"Dopo una passeggiata d'acqua con Dylan Thomas" by Roxi Scursatone, Italy





Roxi Scursatone artista, scrittrice, Ha frequentato l'Accademia Albertina e l'Ateneo torinese. Da sempre si è occupata di pittura di letteratura artistica e saggistica. Ha pubblicato il volume di critica letteraria "Breviario estetico di Gaia" Genesi 1993 e "Jole con l'arte nei sandali" Genesi 2000. Suoi saggi su artisti contemporanei sono presenti nella rivista semestrale "Vernice". Suoi testi poetici sono stati pubblicati sulla rivista multimediale "Offerta Speciale". Altri articoli e racconti e rubriche sull'arte sono apparsi sul periodico annuale "Chiaravalle".

"Dylan, Son of the Sea" by Federica Galetto aka Federica Nightingale, Italy

(digital collage from an original photo by Nora Summers)




Galetto, Federica (Italy) Federica Galetto, aka Federica Nightingale, is an Italian poet, writer and collagiste. Her work has been published on paper and e-book. 

"Water" by Vinh Hoàng, Vietnam




Hoang Vinh (Vietnam) paints with a gift which illuminates life.
Hoang Vinh's body of work reminds us to question how important a journey of self discovery and quest for harmony and beauty can be in all of our lives. It is a celebration of life and the beauty around us from the gift of the artist.

"Immortality amidst stormy seas" by  Vatsala Radhakeesoon, Mauritius
Medium : Acrylic on canvas
Size : 40 cm x 30 cm




Vatsala Radhakeesoon (Mauritius)  has been writing poetry for 30 years and is the author of numerous poetry books. She is also an abstract artist and likes to experiment various possibilities that bless Art. Vatsala is a literary translator and currently lives at Rose-Hill, Mauritius.

"Dream of Ithaca" by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld, USA

Size : 36 x 60




Carolyn Mary Kleefeld (USA) is an American Artist and Poet. Author of twenty-five books, her writing has been translated into over 15 languages and three of her books are available in bilingual and trilingual editions. Her art appears worldwide in galleries, museums, and private collections.

"AQUA" by Zoltan Molnos, Romania

oil on canvas

30x40 cm




Zoltan Molnos (Romania) is a renowed artist from Romania. His artworks have been exhibited in many countries. In 2018, the President of Hungary awarded him the Hungarian Golden Cross of Merit in recognition of his high-quality internationally fine arts activities. He is a member of the Association of Romanian Artists and member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

"Son of the Sea" by Leman Bedia Güven, Turkey




Leman Bedia Güven (Turkey) was graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Department Of Management Engineering. Creating analogue collages and mainly working on social issues in collage. And also likes to make miniature collages. Some of her collages were issued in women magazines and selected in some collage art accounts in instagram and participated some online and gallery exhibitions.


"Pouring the light of Eternity" by Ana Stjelja, Serbia



(Digital collage art inspired by an original photo by Nora Summers  taken in 1944)


Ana Stjelja (Serbia) is an award-winning  poet, writer, translator, journalist, independent scientific researcher and editor. She published more than 30 books of different literary genres. She is a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia, the Association of Literary Translators of Serbia, the Association of Journalists of Serbia and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ). She lives in Belgrade.

"The geology of the soul" by Sirpa Mononen, Finland/Switzerland


Sirpa Mononen:

Finnish artist living in Switzerland.  Acrylics, inks and bio resin are her main media.

Her job is to dream and to create new sights and worlds, where we understand each other without words, through imagery language. Her  aim is the circularisation of «beeing rootless, yet not alone».

The vast tundra in her soulscape in the arctic inspires her endlessly.  Another deep-going source for her works is diving into the ocean – the shortest way to the (fish) heaven. She says:

Who I am, what I think and feel, how I see the world and particularly what I have to say and what I have to give, it’s all in my works.

"Reincarnation" by Damien Senyuy, Cameroon

 art on canvas





Damien Senyuy from Cameroon is a surreal, abstract painter, sculptor and musician His themes are depic tradition, cultural awareness, pop culture, environmental concerns and unity with whimsical figures as focal point. He enjoys using blue, red, yellow, black, gold, and white to express simplicity.



"A girl with the sea"
 oil painting on paper
 30x20 cm 




Sarah Hussein is an Egyptian painter. She uses her critical eye to express her feelings. She sometimes uses a surreal style to create the world that she imagines and wants others to see. Sarah was awarded the Arab Prize in fine arts in 2018, the sponsorship award in the xiv INTERNATIONAL EX LIBRIS COMPETITION in Ruse in 2018, and the International Art and Design competition award in Italy in 2019.

"We Lying by Seasand"


artwork by Yesim Agaoglu





Yesim Agaoglu (Turkey)  was born and live in Istanbul. She took her undergraduate degree from  Istanbul University in Art History and Archaeology, then a Master’s in Radio, TV and Cinema. Her poems have appeared in various anthologies, and her published books of poetry have been translated into many languages. She frequently participates in international literary and poetry festivals, as well as gaining recognition internationally as a contemporary artist.



la fuente infinita, trata sobre renovarse estar en movimiento como el agua y ser siempre como niños y complementarnos


artwork by Rebeca Dorich




Rebeca Dorich



Lima, Perú -

"...La mano che mùlina l’acqua sul fondo dello stagno
Agita sabbie mobili..."

ROLLING di Caterina Ciuffetelli
corda  su carta intelata 35 x 35
Caterina Ciuffetelli (L’Aquila, Italy) is an Italian abstract artist based in Umbria. She has been working for a long time in different media. Her works can be found in museums and private collections.


"La forza della natura"

 tecnica mista su tavola

80 x 90 cm

opera di Ciro Spinapolice, Italy





Ciro Spinapolice vive e lavora a Torino.
Dopo un periodo figurativo moderno (1986-1998) il suo lavoro si dirige verso una ricerca informale che diventa presto astratta.

Studia e si dedica a vari percorsi artistici (grafica, musica, fotografia).
Ha esposto in numerose mostre collettive e personali dal 1987 ad oggi. Ha partecipato inoltre a diversi concorsi ottenendo premi e riconoscimenti.