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"My Liquid World (amid winds of war) - video poem by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

Lidia Chiarelli (Turin, Italy). Writer, artist, translator, founder with Aeronwy Thomas of the literary-art movement Immagine & Poesia  (2007). Six nominations for the Pushcart Prize (USA). Awarded with the Literary Arts Medal (NY) 2020. Sahitto International Grand Jury Award 2021. Coordinator of DylanDay in Italy.

Her poems are translated in many languages and published in several countries around the world.

"WATER" video shorts by Niladri Mahajan, India

Mahajan, Niladri (India) Niladri Mahajan is an award winning bilingual poet, author of English poetry books : A Diffused Room and Aura of Dawn. His poems have been translated into French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Soha, Arabic, Romanian, and Russian. He is trained in Eastern and Western Classical music. He participated in three group painting and photography exhibitions in recent past, and active as a street photographer, watercolour artist.

"The Rhythm of Waves" video short by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

WAVES, to DYLAN, Son of the Sea


The waves ebb and flow

the monotony of life

the rhythm of  a sound



Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

"The Selkie" poem and music by Becky Lowe, Wales,UK

The Selkie, poem and music by Becky Lowe Swansea. Includes Orkney chant The Seal Wife's Joy.

The Selkie, poem by Becky Lowe. Based on traditional tales of the Selkie, in which seal women can become women on shore by discarding their coats to dance on the beach. If a man sees them he can capture the Selkie by stealing her coat. In my story, she escapes and returns with joy to the water. The song, an Orkney chant, The Seal Wife's Joy is said to reflect the joy of the Selkie as she returns to the water. It is sung to the rhythm of the waves.



Rebecca Lowe (UK) is a poet and organiser of spoken word events, based in Swansea, Wales. Her work has been published in many anthologies, both nationally and internationally, and featured on radio, podcasts and festivals in the UK, US and India. Her first poetry collection Blood and Water was published in November 2020 by The Seventh Quarry ( A further collection Our Father Eclipse was published by Culture Matters in 2021.

Three Variations on WATER - video shorts by Lidia Chiarelli, Italy

The Fountain - Variation on WATER 1

The Pond - Variation on WATER 2

The Sea - Variation on WATER 3